W&T New Zealand

You don’t need to be an Au Pair to spend time in New Zealand. With the abundance of seasonal jobs, you can work your way around New Zealand, experiencing different employment while you take in the varying New Zealand landscapes and lifestyles. We have a number of packages to suit almost any Working Traveller so get in touch and we will send you more information specific to you.


What We Do For You

  • New Zealand postal address and forwarding service.
  • Luggage storage.
  • Emergency Accommodation
  • Transport from Airport to City upon arrival, and first three nights accommodation.
  • Find the best flight and insurance packages for you, or book these on your behalf with our all inclusive package.
  • Recommend a suitable itinerary for the Working Traveller to ensure they  have a good mix of work and sightseeing, and take into account the individuals interests and what they want to see and do. Of course, we leave the final decision up to the Traveller, it is their adventure after all.
  • Provide Information and assist with setting up Tax, Visa, Bank Account and other services, such as buying and insuring a vehicle.
  • New Zealand Mobile Sim card.
  • Provide guidelines on working conditions and New Zealand Employment Laws.
  • Provide access to Language and Educational Courses if required.
  • 24 hour Phone access to our support team.
  • Regular meet-ups with other Working Travellers and access to our discounted Tours.
  • Mediation between the Employer and working Traveller a disagreement.
  • Access to a database of Seasonal Jobs suitable for Working Travellers.


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