Work & Travel

We have a number of other employment opportunities around the world. From farming in Ireland, to fruit picking in Italy.  We also have a number of sales and IT positions available , so no matter where you want to work, be it indoors or out, in the tropics or surrounded by snow fields , contact us to get started on the ultimate adventure.

Numadi also  offers a number of paid and unpaid internships in numerous destinations worldwide. We have researched and partnered up only with those who respect the students and their hard work to build their dreams.

We are able to offer internships in Ireland, Greece, Spain, Australia, China, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Austria, India, Bora Bora, Russia, Germany and many other destinations.

Some example fields would be; Restaurant , Hotel , Animation ,Guest Relations, Tour guides ,Reception ,Marketing ,Law ,Engineering ,Economics ,Hotels ,Human Rights ,Human resources ,International Relations………

No matter what you are studying, or if you have recently graduated and want to gain international experience, or just want to work for a few months in another part of the world, contact us now to discuss your options.

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