Have you ever wanted to learn another language but haven’t got started, or didnt keep it up? Here are some benefits of learning a language to get you on track!

Meeting new people -Although a large amount of the global population speaks English,  when you find yourself in a non-english speaking country you will open yourself up to the locals far more.

It’s good for your brain – Learning another language not only increases your focus and opens your mind, it also has great long term benefits and can stave off Alzheimers and Dementia.

It gives you confidence – Every time you learning something new you subconsciously give yourself a pat on the back. With each new word and phrase you will gain in confidence.

It is really not that difficult – It can be easy to just say nein and put learning a language in the too-hard basket, but there is a wealth of online knowledge and apps that really break it all down and make it seem easy.

It increases your memory – You will really be working out your memory while learning a language which will help you remember other things, like your Mothers birthday!!

It is great on your CV – Even if  the learnt language has nothing to do with your career, employers love the fact that an individual has taken the initiative to increase their education. They will also be aware of the other benefits which may more directly be helpful in your job.


So where to begin? As mentioned there are a number of apps and online resources which have different benefits for different users, so do some research and find something that works for you. I personally use duolingo and find that works great for fitting into my schedule, and is free!

However, nothing compares  to learning a language than living amongst it. Experiencing another culture , the sights and sounds and differences in lifestyle , creates trigger points for your brain to help remember more easily. Also you will be hearing the language far more often so day to day words become second nature without even realising it. The great thing about our programmes in non-english speaking programmes is you can start with none – or very little – knowledge of the language and learn as you go. Of course with all the added benefits of an amazing gap year.

Take a look at our China Au Pair program for some inspiration