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Garden Route Surfing Outreach

If you enjoy water sports, such as surfing, love being around kids and want to teach them to be active and have a positive view on life then this project is for you! Duties will include, but may not be limited to: 1. Supervising children AT ALL TIMES while at the beach and / or in the ocean 2. Assisting children while surfing and / or swimming 3. Packing & unpacking equipment 4. Cleaning & organising equipment 5. Cleaning & organising premises 6. Assist with children’s homework 7. Assist with preparation of food for children 8. Play pre-approved educational &Program Details

Cape To Garden Route Baby Safe House, South Africa

Please note that prices are in New Zealand Dollars ($NZD) and that prices vary. Due to the high unemployment rate and poverty, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, domestic violence, crime (rape, ect.), many single parents and families are not emotionally and financially in the position to care for their own children. Because of this reason parents are very often forced to abandon their unborn babies and small children without having support, advice or counselling in terms of the future of their children. Although this project only takes in babies younger than two years, the owners adopted two special needs children who haveProgram Details

$1,449.00 /Person

Witzenberg Child and Youth Center, Western Cape, South Africa

Please note prices are in New Zealand Dollars ($NZD) and prices do vary. Witzenberg child and youth center is a Children’s Home in Tulbagh. It is being managed under the supervision of BADISA. BADISA is a non-profit -& non-governmental organization. The home is situated on a farm like grounds to give the children a calm environment where they can start their healing process. Witzenberg child and youth center brings together the legacies of emancipated slaves and that of previously disadvantaged youth. Here they prepare themselves for the challenges and opportunities that the new South Africa offers. The home tries toProgram Details

$1,439.00 /Person

Rural Special Needs School, South Africa

Please note prices are in New Zealand Dollars ($NZD) and prices do vary Rural special needs school is a special needs school for learners with special educational needs. The above mentioned school was established during April 1986 to educate 13 severe mentally impaired learners. We currently cater for 269 severe mentally challenged and Autistic learners. The learners are all severely mentally impaired with or without a physical disability and include the following syndromes: down syndrome, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, fetal alcohol syndrome, hemiplegic and quadriplegic learners, autism, fragile x, prader willi etc. The children live in poor socio-economic circumstances withProgram Details

$1,517.00 /Person

Medical Outreach to Vulnerable Kids, South Africa

Please note prices are in New Zealand Dollars ($NZD) and prices vary Medical Outreach to Vulnerable Kids is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre and a Community Mental Health Facility. The centre provides holistic care for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) from birth to six years of age. We provide care, support and development to vulnerable young children and their families which include high impact health and palliative care services, effective psycho-social services and opportunities to achieve developmental milestones in as short a time as possible. The project has a dual function and is a Child and Youth CareProgram Details

$1,501.00 /Person

Coastal Care for Adults with Impairments, South Africa

The project is a dynamic community working with intellectually challenged adults, where we care about the environment and produce quality products in a natural farm setting. It focuses on care and empowerment to adults with disabilities. Group homes are an essential part of life at Coastal Care. These homes are an extended family environment where people with special needs, group home leaders (and their children) and young volunteers live in a life-sharing situation. For many residents without family, Coastal Care is the only home and family they will ever have. Volunteers that have an interest in or skills in theProgram Details

$1,545.00 /Person

Marine Conservation South Africa

Please note that all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) and prices do vary. This program combines research, conservation and education.We strongly depend on the willingness of international volunteers to contribute their time and dedication to help further our efforts. Volunteers of different ages and backgrounds come from all over the world to learn and provide valuable assistance in a wide variety of meaningful projects. This allows them to make a valuable contribution to increased knowledge and awareness regarding local conservation efforts. If you have an interest in marine wildlife and the conservation of their environment, then you wouldProgram Details

$3,295.00 /Person

South Africa Social Project Volunteer

Please note that all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) and prices do vary. This trip is an exciting way for students and volunteers to try and give back to those in need or less privileged than themselves. The  programme itself focuses on improving the well-being of a range of vulnerable groups in society such as children and youth, older persons and women & families. Many of the activities included in this trip revolve around the care and interaction with children in the early childhood center. These activities can include, but are not limited to: Playing with the children.Program Details

$1,786.00 /Person

Wildlife Ranch Project, South Africa

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) and prices vary. In 1986 a dream was realised when new owners purchased this crocodile farm, and shifted the emphasis from a crocodile park to a leading conservation and tourist education center. In 2006 the Ranch was again transformed with it’s biggest project to date. This was the creation of  a magnificent center themed on the great rivers of Africa and highlighting a number of endangered species and the plight they face in the wild. This exciting interactive facility also hosts the world’s first crocodile cage-diving experience, designed to giveProgram Details

$2,542.00 /Person

Social Project South Africa – Children’s Home

Please note that all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) and prices vary Since the early 1900s, this home provides residential care to over 100 children who have been found in need of care and protection according to the Child Care Act. They are placed in care of the home by a Children’s Court of South Africa through a legal court order. The children live in housing units on the home’s grounds and are transported each day to various schools in the area according to their educational needs. The aim of this facility is to place the children backProgram Details

$1,952.00 /Person