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USA Hospitality

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) Our US based partner has teamed up with some great resorts, hotels, amusement parks and other attractions across the United States which allows us to offer quality positions before you depart. This program includes the J1 summer visa, which is eligible for the summer in your country (not necessarily the summer in the US). We will get you all set up to work with bank and tax requirements and ensure you have suitable accommodation. We will also check all employment agreements to ensure you are working legally and being paidProgram Details

$2,100.00 /Person

China Hotel Job Placement

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) You can choose to work for three months or longer at the reception, in customer service or in other departments of four to seven star hotels in China. The hotel jobs are possible in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, as well as on the tropical island of Hainan in the South China Sea. What To Expect For the most part, you will work at the reception, in customer relations or in the service area where you can use your foreign language skills and interact with international guests. The requestedProgram Details

$1,600.00 /Person

New Zealand Hospitality Work Program

Please note that prices are in New Zealand Dollars ($NZD) With New Zealand’s thriving tourism industry there are many opportunities for hospitality staff. Explore the country while gaining experience and learning new skills in bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, guiding and a range of other positions. What To Expect With the exception of the ski areas in New Zealand, which are limited in number, the summer season, November to March is the busiest period for hospitality staff. Rosters can vary, but a general role will work from 35-50 hours per week. Accommodation generally isn’t provided, with some exceptions, but we assistProgram Details

$1,250.00 /Person