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Au Pair Germany

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) There are many benefits to becoming an Au pair in Germany through our program. Not only will you make new friends, improve your German and gain valuable work experience as you care for your host family’s children, there are also many other benefits that come with being an Au pair. Financial benefits are of course very important; after all you want to know what you will earn looking after children for up to 30 hours a week. However, do keep in mind that the financial rewards are not the onlyProgram Details

$600.00 /Person

Au Pair China

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) More and more Au Pairs choose China as their gap year destination because they are attracted by the rich culture and its fascinating landscapes that China offers. For the time-honored history of the country – compared to the rest of the world – it is influenced by many different cultures and still offers a great cultural variety. Our host families mostly live in Shanghai, either in suburban areas or downtown. Many city-based Chinese families live in apartments and only have one child due to China’s former Single Child Policy- theProgram Details

$400.00 /Person

United Kingdom Nanny

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) Many families prefer their nanny to be live-in ‘Residential Nannies’ if possible so that they know the nanny will always start on time and will not be late due to traffic. The accommodation provided is usually of a high standard and is an arrangement which also suits many Nannies due to the high cost of housing, transport and living in/around London and other parts of the UK. Also, it saves a lot of wasteful commuting time!                             Program Details

$600.00 /Person

Australia Au Pair Program

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) and prices vary depending on how long you are going to stay. Australian farms need help in all sorts of ways in the home and on the farm. Many farms are small self-reliant communities. They can range from small family farms to 20 or more people. Your work could include domestic tasks, looking after animals and pets, cooking, shopping, school runs, childcare, helping with homework, teaching and tutoring. ​Even before you start helping with the day-to-day farming work. Our training prepares you to be a useful member of the team,Program Details

$1,482.00 /Person

New Zealand Au Pair Placement Program

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) Numadi is a support network for Au pairs both planning to come to New Zealand and Kiwis who want to Au Pair abroad. We are a dedicated team made up of former Au Pairs and Travel Professionals, with extensive knowledge in Employment, Tax, Visa, & Cultural issues that can arise for Au Pairs and other working travellers. Typical day as an Au Pair in New Zealand Your day will normally start around 7 am, rising as the children do or taking over from their parents as they leave for work.Program Details

$875.00 /Person