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Netherlands Rural Exchange

Please note that all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) The Netherlands Rural exchange program is for students currently enrolled in an agricultural related course and we can currently only accept New Zealand applicants. These are paid internships where knowledge sharing is a high priority, so you not only return to your home country with new skills and ideas but can also leave your mark on the host farm. Our team in the Netherlands are there to support you every step of the way, and only work with reputable host farmers to ensure you come away with a great experience.Program Details

$1,200.00 /Person

English Tutor Germany

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) Do you want to visit Germany, but only have limited time to spare in between your studies? Then our new English Tutoring Program might be just right for you! Being an English tutor is one of the best ways to live, learn, and work abroad for a period of one to three months. There is no cheaper way to explore Germany and its surrounding countries. This program is a true cultural exchange! More Information You will not only get to learn about the German culture and language through your hostProgram Details

$600.00 /Person

Winemaking in France

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) We offer professional training on quality wineries in France, where you experience the whole process of wine making from viticulture management, grapes, pressing, fermenting and cellar management. You will get to experience French culture and lifestyle, as well as the language, although most of the hosts can speak English. You will generally get a chance to experience the full wine making operation, working between 40-50 hours per week. We offer placements in different wine regions of France, on high quality wineries who deal with different wines – just let us knowProgram Details

$1,250.00 /Person

Rural Exchange Denmark

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) Unfortunately we can currently only accept applicants from New Zealand. Our Denmark program is specifically for those studying an agriculture or horticulture related course and are wanting to undergo a paid internship to enhance their learning and cover the practical side of their course requirements. We have access to a range of farms, so get in touch today to find out more.

$1,500.00 /Person

Rural Exchange France

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) Farming types vary, as do working hours, though typically this will be 40-50 hours per week. Farming types available are: Breeding Farm – Working on a breeding farm does not imply only taking care of animals, but also includes field work and other general farm work. Dairy Cows – Around half of the dairy production is located in the North Western part of the country (Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, Normandie). The most common breeds are Prim’Holstein, Montbéliarde, Nomande, etc… Beef Cows – Around a third of the beef cows are located inProgram Details

$1,500.00 /Person

Au Pair Germany

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) There are many benefits to becoming an Au pair in Germany through our program. Not only will you make new friends, improve your German and gain valuable work experience as you care for your host family’s children, there are also many other benefits that come with being an Au pair. Financial benefits are of course very important; after all you want to know what you will earn looking after children for up to 30 hours a week. However, do keep in mind that the financial rewards are not the onlyProgram Details

$600.00 /Person

United Kingdom Nanny

Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) Many families prefer their nanny to be live-in ‘Residential Nannies’ if possible so that they know the nanny will always start on time and will not be late due to traffic. The accommodation provided is usually of a high standard and is an arrangement which also suits many Nannies due to the high cost of housing, transport and living in/around London and other parts of the UK. Also, it saves a lot of wasteful commuting time!                             Program Details

$600.00 /Person