NZ Aupairs

Numadi is a Support network for Aupairs both planning to come to New Zealand and Kiwis who want to Au Pair abroad. We are a dedicated team made up of former Au Pairs and Travel Professionals, with extensive Knowledge in Employment , Tax , Visa & Cultural issues that can arise for AuPairs.

Here Is What You Get With Numadi

Before You Leave Your Country


-An initial consultation by our team, where we can answer any initial questions you may have and suggest an ideal location and lifestyle of family based upon a review of your profile.
-A checklist of attributes you should look for in a host family, and certain things you should avoid

-Let you choose if you want to find your host family by yourself (we will interview up to three potential host families)  or choose one from our data base.
-We will provide you with a Checklist of everything you will need while you are here, such as, Visa, Bank Accounts, IRD(tax) Numbers, Insurance and the best service providers, and assist you in your applications with these.
-We Can Book your Flight through our Premium Package or Assist in finding a suitable flight for you.


When You Arrive


-We will check in with yourself or your host family to ensure you have arrived safely – We can advise your family back home of this.
(We can arrange transport from the Airport to either your host family, or we can arrange accommodation if you are not starting right away*)
-24/7 phone & email support.
-We will call or visit you once a month to check in on how things are going
-Mediation between yourself and host family in the event of a disagreement.
-Emergency accommodation for if you have to leave your host family.
-Information to help you settle in to your Host Family and how to overcome common problems such as homesickness
-Activities and games you can play with your new “Brothers & sisters” as well as what you can do in your spare time.
-Invitations to events, parties & tours with other AuPairs
-The ability to find and message other AuPairs nearby.
-Exclusive special deals and travel packages just for you.

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