Admit it, no one enjoys a tiresome, boring and almost nightmare long-distance flight. If only we can teleport or snap our fingers to go to that one place we ought to be. 

But don’t you worry, flying can be dreamy with these no brainer, helpful tips.

Just follow these 10 survival tips.

  • Wear comfortable clothes- don’t dress up. You don’t need to make an expression to your fellow passengers or the crew. When I said comfortable, you are comfortable enough that you can sleep peacefully, bend your knees, and wrap your arms around your favorite pillow. You can remove your shoes as well if you must. Yes, you will feel a little awkwardness but as long as they don’t stink, right? Oh yes, leave the socks, please.
  • Be proactively nice. During a long-haul flight, there are unavoidable things that can occur. Give your friendly smile, and be kind. Be generally nice to the flight attendant. Put in mind that kindness is magic; who knows next time you fly you may get that upgrade from first-class or even an invitation to move to an empty row of seats! So, be nice.
  • Do reserve a good seat. This is essential, so think ahead and go get that comfortable seat – that makeshift bed- of yours. Here is a tip, opt for exit rows! If you want to avoid crying, loud children, stay away from the front of the plane as this is often where you’ll find special provision for babies on international flights. Lastly, if you like to move about the plane -have quick access to the loos-  make sure you get an aisle seat. You can use SeatGuru to find the best seat that suits you in any aircraft.

  • Research and review. Read reviews to see what other passengers think of your chosen carrier and research more before you make a booking. Generally, those airlines which carry a seat width of more than 17 inches and more than a bag of peanuts as your in-flight meal are the best long-haul airlines. But look for what matters most to you.
  • Make new friends. Remember, no man is an island. It’s a great opportunity to strike a conversation with your seatmate during long-haul flights. You may meet very interesting people. I know, you may end up hearing about the antics of her favorite pet turtle or his current favorite sports car or hear more about his brothers’s best friend’s medical history. But believe me, you will learn something and earn a friend at the same time. If they are a local to where you are visiting, then ask them questions and LISTEN TO THEIR ADVICE!
  • Take your own snacks. In order to stop any grumbling stomach sound while you’re waiting for the food trolley, bring with you few cereal bars, nuts or dried fruit in your carry on luggage. Read more about foods that give you energy while travelling.
  • Drink water, stay hydrated. Chances are high you’ll end up dehydrated in aircraft cabins. Avoid tea, coffee or alcohol. Regularly and slowly drink water only. Go ahead bring with you your water tumbler and fill it with clean water.  Aircraft cabins are a very very dry place. So bring also your moisturizer for the benefit of your skin. To avoid cavities, be patient to brush your teeth or floss.
  • Ask for a spare blanket. You can still bring your own old trusted blanket but it’s not practically wise always. Assuming you have a seatmate, you can always ask for an extra blanket so as to have a sweet slumber.

  • Bring your own entertainment.  In-flight entertainment sometimes fails to meet everyone’s expectations – or they just don’t have that sequel in a film series. Also, sometimes you might not like what’s playing or available. It is always a good idea to bring your favorite book that you haven’t started reading yet. Kindle is always a reasonable option – or you may watch Netflix to kill time.

Relax! Think happy thoughts. Mind over matter, right? Forget all your tasks for awhile. Use your time just ignoring the hustle and bustle of your business down there at the office. Consider this is your ‘Me Time’, as well.