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Please note, all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($)

Many families prefer their nanny to live-in ‘Residential Nannies’ if possible so that they know the nanny will always start on time and will not be late due to traffic. The accommodation provided is usually of a high standard and is an arrangement which also suits many Nannies due to the high cost of housing, transport and living in/around London and other parts of the UK. Also, it saves a lot of wasteful commuting time!
Many families also offer live-out positions for Nannies who prefer not to live with their family employers – ‘Daily Nannies’.

Nannies often work long hours; they start work early in the morning and continue until 6 or 7 pm, or even 8pm, but the work is well paid and for the most part, enjoyable!
Although most nannies prefer to work full time for 1 family, many split their week between 2 families, particularly if they are live out / daily nannies.

The Nanny’s weekly pay varies greatly depending on the Nanny’s experience, skills, qualifications and local knowledge and the particular job specifications. A nanny who has been working for a family with young children in one locality for 5 years will be highly sought after by other families with young children in that area; as she/he will have gained a lot of useful local knowledge and connections and will know where the best toddler groups or baby music groups are and have a good network of other Nannies with whom they can arrange ‘playdates’ for the children. A Nanny who has good local knowledge with excellent experience and qualifications can earn $1000-1200 NZD per week (or more for a live-out position), some of our London nannies are paid up to $2,000 per week – a very attractive live in nanny salary!

Nannies are professionals and the cost of their salary and the associated taxes and National Insurance contributions can make them unaffordable for many families.

  • Be 18-30 years old
  • Be in good general health
  • Have a clean police record
  • Have a good level of experience with children and/or a suitable qualification
  • Have a profesional attitude
  • Be prepared to take on new challenges
  • Enjoy meeting new people

The rates for our UK Nanny program are $600 NZD.

Our support package includes:
  • Assistance with all application forms, and sent to suitable host families.
  • Host family secured before your departure
  • Our experienced staff to answer all of your questions
  • Assistance with obtaining the required visa.
  • Assistance with your travel plans
  • Access to other Au Pairs in the area
  • Interviewing and screening of the host family
  • Certificate of completion.
  • And much more. We are here to support you every step of the way.


The salary varies depending on hours and experience/qualifications but can range from $600 – 1800 NZD per week.

  • Regular time off
  • Supportive learning environment
  • Access to other young / international travelers
  • A chance to share your knowledge and learn new skills.


  • Flights to the UK.
  • Visa costs
  • Personal costs

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