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There are many benefits to becoming an Au pair in Germany through our program. Not only will you make new friends, improve your German and gain valuable work experience as you care for your host family’s children, there are also many other benefits that come with being an Au pair.

Financial benefits are of course very important; after all, you want to know what you will earn looking after children for up to 30 hours a week. However, do keep in mind that the financial rewards are not the only thing you receive for your role as an Au pair!

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Being an Au pair is one of the best and most joyful opportunities to be able to live and work in Germany for a longer period of time. By becoming a family member of a Numadi host family for the next 6-12 months you will immerse yourself in the German culture, improve your knowledge of the German language and gain valuable life and people skills while caring for children at the same time.

The organized AuPair Care has meetings in nine vibrant and fascinating German cities and your own free time will allow you to get to know other people your age and make friendships that will last a lifetime.

Using your paid vacation days to discover exciting places within Germany or traveling to one of the neighbouring European countries will create many unique and unforgettable memories.

Attending a German language course will help you advance your language skills that at the end of your stay you will be able to communicate comfortably in German with the locals.

Being an AuPair Care Au pair in Germany will greatly benefit you in many different ways. It will put your flexibility, your sense of responsibility, your organizational and communication skills to the test. Your Au pair experience will add an international character to your resume and will give you great assets in future positions involving, management, organization and even childcare.

Being an Au pair will also help you grow personally. In fact, it will change you forever. At the end of your stay, you will have become more mature and more self-reliant and you will be ready to face future challenges with a newfound self-confidence.

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    • Monthly Au pair stipend paid by the family to the Au pair in the amount of 260 EUR PLUS  an additional 90EUR educational allowance (for attending German language courses during the stay) = total of 350 EUR/month
    • All-inclusive comprehensive insurance package for the entire length of the program, including health, accident and third-party liability insurance
    • Free flight to Germany, including all connecting flights to the host family if the Au pair commits to a 12 months stay
    • Free return flight to the home country, given that the Au pair has successfully completed a 12 months stay with the same host family!
    • Two paid vacation days per month, equalling approx. two weeks for a six month stay and approx. four weeks for a 12-month commitment
    • Minimum of 1.5 free days per week and one completely free weekend per month
  • Arrival meeting and mid-term meeting with our local Representative
  • Regularly organized meetings with our local Representative and other Au pairs in the Au pair's area
  • 24-hour emergency phone number operated by local staff members
  • Certificate of completion for the Au pair's participation in the program
  • A contract between Au pair and host family for the Au pair's protection, laying out the rights and responsibilities of both parties
  • Sponsorship of visa costs by the host family, incurred in Germany with the German immigration office


  • Flights to Germany (if committing to less than 12 months with your host family)
  • Visa costs
  • Personal costs
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    ( 1 Pax - No size limit. ) $600.00 /

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Due to the global pandemic, COVID-19, we are suspending all trips and programs until at least September 30 2020. You can still send through your enquiries for travel after this date and we will assess our posponement period constantly.Enquire Here
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