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Please note all prices are in New Zealand Dollar ($NZD) and prices do vary

The animals at this park come to us in need of rescue, rehabilitation and sometimes permanent captive care. In Africa where humans and wildlife sometimes struggle to co-exist peacefully, this program provides a haven and second chance for animals in need.

Our Wildlife Conservation volunteers come from all backgrounds, nationalities and with varied familiarity with animals and wildlife. Our volunteers often range from having absolutely no experience to those with a professional background in veterinary or conservation science. What our volunteers do have in common is a love of wildlife and a passion for aiding in the conservation and care of Africa’s diverse species.

Our Wildlife Conservation volunteers provide an important resource in caring for and feeding the animals on a daily basis, as well as helping to maintain and develop the program. As a wildlife volunteer you should be ready to be actively involved in the day-to-day activities which support the program.

Our goal is to release animals whenever possible so that they may be free to live a natural life in the wild. However, sometimes an animal comes to us that cannot be released for various reasons such as habituation to humans which would put the animal at risk if released or an extensive injury. Our aim is to provide a lifelong home for these animals.


Activities at the project are carried out in a rotational group system to ensure that everybody gets exposed to the variety of experiences available.
Possible tasks as a Wildlife Conservation Volunteer at the project include:

  • Preparing food and feeding the wildlife.
  • Cleaning and maintaining enclosures.
  • Providing enrichment to the animals in the form of interaction, walks in the bush or implementation of special activities for them.
  • Providing intensive care for juvenile wildlife including overnight care for some animals.
  • Physical labour such as building new facilities.
  • Research which may include the monitoring of free-ranging animals in the area, analysing camera traps and GPS data
  • Time in the environment such as tracking & monitoring a variety of animals species (and sometimes snakes!) on or near property and game counts in the bush.
  • Assisting with the various projects that arise at the sanctuary


Volunteering Weeks Introductions Total Weeks Total Cost
2 weeks 1 week 3 weeks  $2,722
3 weeks 1 week 4 weeks  $3,483
4 weeks 1 week 5 weeks  $4,247
5 weeks 1 week 6 weeks  $4,902
6 weeks 1 week 7 weeks  $5,773
7 weeks 1 week 8 weeks  $6,320
8 weeks 1 week 9 weeks  $6,767
9 weeks 1 week 10 weeks  $7,289
10 weeks 1 week 11 weeks  $7,835
11 weeks 1 week 12 weeks  $8,392

Introduction week:

  • Airport pickup on arrival at Cape Town International Airport.
  • Seven nights in dorm room accommodation in Cape Town during introduction week.
  • Six breakfasts provided during orientation week in Cape Town (Health or English option)
  • Orientation day which includes a visit to the Noon gun + V & A Waterfront
  • Full Day Cape Town Peninsula tour (lunch included)
  • Half Day Cape Town City tour
  • Half Day Cape Town Township tour
  • Two free days to book additional activities (shark diving, skydiving etc.)
  • 24/7 Emergency number (WhatsApp)
  • Volunteering:
  • All volunteering related costs (project fees)
  • Transport to bus station/airport as well as pick up when returning (If you wish to fly instead of taking the bus an additional fee will be payable)
  • Bus tickets to and from the project (Cape Town – Oudtshoorn & Oudtshoorn to Cape Town)
  • Airport drop off at Cape Town International Airport
  • Certificate of completion of volunteering

What’s excluded:

  • Return flights from country of origin (we do supply flight advice if needed).
  • Any Visa related costs (we provide relevant documents for obtainment of Visa).
  • Any lunches & dinners except if mentioned above.
  • Accommodation one night prior to departure (you can book this night directly from our website).
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    price: $3,538.00 /Person