More and more Au Pairs choose China as their gap year destination because they are attracted by rich Chinese culture and its fascinating landscape. For the time-honored history of the country – compared to the rest of the world – it is influenced by many different cultures and still offers a great cultural variety.

Program Overview

 Locations of host families: Shanghai, China

Program time span: 3 months-12 months

 You give: 35 hours of childcare per week

You get: Approx. $350 NZD pocket money+ $350 ticket stipend ( Transport allowance) /month

You study: 3 hours of Mandarin classes/week ( Paid for by family )

You get: 1.5 days off each week

You get: Up to $2290 NZD as ticket stipend

You get: Accident insurance

You get: Visa application & renewal fee reimbursement

You pay: $ 0 ( We take a $350 deposit as a measure of security. This is refunded after you have been with your host family for one month. ) 

  • An Au Pair stay in China is a once in a life time experience and it also might be the biggest adventure of your life provided that you carefully choose your host family and have additional support from an au pair organization since the cultural differences can be distinctive and sometimes overwhelming. 

  • Chinese kids learn English as a second language from primary school, but they often lack practice. Many Chinese families are therefore not only interested in experiencing cultural diversity, but also in having their children taught English by a native speaker. 

A Typical Au Pairs Responsibilities In China

English Tutoring

 – Deliver about one hour and a half of planned English lessons on a daily basis to the host kids

– Help the kids to learn a second foreign language (optional)

– Carry out fun activities with the kids to help them learn English (eg. story reading, English songs, role play and games)

– Help the kids with their English homework

– Help the parents to practice their English ( optional)

Host Child & Family

  • waking up the children

  • taking/picking up children to/from school

  • playing with the children

  • taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities

  • Go shopping with host family

  • Go travelling with host family

  • Have other family activities

Share some light house work

  • preparing light meals for children and clean up after the meals

  • doing the children’s laundry.

  • making the children’s beds

  • tidying up the children’s toys

  • cleaning the children’s room

  • cleaning of au pair’s own room

  • Help with cooking occassionally

About Chinese Host Families

Our host families mostly live in Shanghai, either in suburban areas or downtown areas. Most Chinese families live in apartments and only have one kid due to China’s Single Child policy. There are some families who have two kids but usually no more than that. No matter where your host family lives, you can be sure that it’s a comfortable home where you will have your own room.
Living with a host family will give you an up-close experience of everyday life within an exceptional Chinese family, while creating opportunities for you to teach people about your country and culture as well.

Our Host Families

  • Welcome their au pair as an extended member of the family

  • Include their au pair in most family meals, outings and celebrations

  • Provide a private room and meals for their au pair

  • At least one family member speaks reasonable English

  • Pay their au pair a monthly stipend of at least 1500 RMB

  • Pay for their au pair’s Mandarin Classes (3 hours/week)

  • Pay for their au pair’s visa application& renewal fee

  • Pay for their au pair’s ticket stipend fee ( up to 10000 RMB depending on aupair’s length of stay)

  • Pay for their au pair’s accident insurance

  • Pay for their au pair’s Orientation upon her/his arrival

  • Guarantee that their au pair will work no more than 35 hours per week and no more than 7 hours a day

  • Are required to give their au pair 1.5 days off per week, give au pair 3 days days off as paid holiday if an aupair stays for three months, 4 days for 4-month stay and so on.

  • Guarantee their au pair will not do heavy housework or tasks unrelated to the host family’s children