Australia is a highly developed country that combines natural beauty with First world cities and resorts. Moreover, its economic indices, the high quality of life and its multicultural society makes it one of the favorite destinations when it comes to travel.
The Organization of the United Nations declared Australia as the second best country in the world to live, after Norway, due to their excellent quality of life indexes.

Program Overview

 Locations of host families: Across Australia

Program time span: 3 months-12 months

 You give: 25 – 45 hours of childcare per week

You get: Approx. $140 – 240 NZD pocket money per week.

You get: At least 1 day off each week

You pay: $ 350 NZD plus flights and visa fees. 

A Typical Au Pairs Responsibilities In Australia

Host Child & Family

  • waking up the children

  • taking/picking up children to/from school

  • playing with the children

  • taking the children on outings to parks, playgroups and other activities

  • Go shopping with host family

  • Go travelling with host family

  • Have other family activities


 – Help the kids to learn a second foreign language (optional)

– Carry out fun activities with the kids to help them learn  (eg. story reading, English songs, role play and games)

– Help the kids with their homework

Share some light house work

  • preparing light meals for children and clean up after the meals

  • doing the children’s laundry.

  • making the children’s beds

  • tidying up the children’s toys

  • cleaning the children’s room

  • cleaning of au pair’s own room

  • Help with cooking occassionally

Australian Host Families

Our host families are spread across Australia, so there are a vast range of locations and lifestyles to choose from. Some families live in remote farming regions and others in some of the great cities of Australia.

Our Host Families

  • Welcome their au pair as an extended member of the family

  • Include their au pair in most family meals, outings and celebrations

  • Provide a private room and meals for their au pair

  • Are required to give their au pair 1.5 days off per week.

  • Guarantee their au pair will not do heavy housework or tasks unrelated to the host family’s children, unless arranged prior.