Becoming an Au Pair is an extremely rewarding and enriching experience. I have put together some of the major benefits of becoming an Au Pair and by no means is this list exhaustive. As an Au Pair you get to do all these things and more.

  1. Travel and get paid for it – Imagine all the beautiful cities and scenic country sides and adventures that come with visiting new countries. You might even tick the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ off your travel bucket list
  2. Learn a new language, a new slang and become fluent in your foreign language
  3. Experience a new culture, sports, way of life
  4. Have an adventure of your own- Think New Zealand, Australia, China, England, Ireland, Germany, Italy or France, just to mention a few.
  5. Meet new people and make friends from all over the world
  6. Discover new places. They say that the locals know the best places in their country and being a local you will have access to the best places on the map
  7. Become part of another family – your host family becomes your second family and you know what they say about family
  8. Teach – if you have a passion for teaching new ways of doing things and passing on that knowledge to the next generation then an Au Pair experience is just what you need to start you off
  9. Play – we are never too old to play, how else can you keep going back to Disneyland?
  10. Work in a different country- this is great for your career as you will gain an overseas experience and build your intercultural competence. These are invaluable skills for your future  career


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